Thursday, August 28, 2008

the last lecture

i know you must have been bombarded with tons of information about this randy pausch guy, and you've probably already watch his last lecture. (if you haven't, view it here.) but today, i want to tell you about his book. it was given to me as a graduation present, and at first, i thought it was a silly gift. i didn't need a book transcript of his last lecture, because i have already watched it and cried and got inspired by it.

but i cracked it open and gave it a chance, because after all, it was a gift, and i cannot disregard a gift like that. and to my surprise, the book was not a transcript of the lecture, but it was EVERYTHING i needed right then. i was going through some tough times again, trying to figure out some of my life decisions, and the book put into words the encouragement and advice i needed to hear and accept. i know the book wasn't written directly for me, but i feel that anyone could use it to help them keep inspired. the days i read this book and the days following my finish, i became more patient, because i got to a clearer place in my head where i could reflect on my thoughts and actions.

i highly recommend you pick up the book and read it all the way through. maybe three times over. it shouldn't be a very long read (i just had no time so i had to sneak it in between little gaps in my days).

and also, sorry for not keeping this post up-to-date. i will try harder.