Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fifty People. One Question.

This is a really great video project that was started in New Orleans, LA. The filmmakers, Crush & Lovely and deltree, go to a city, ask fifty strangers one question and film them while they answer. The result: very beautiful moving videos that remind us all of our humanity and our interconnectedness. We're not all that different from each other.

So far, two questions have been asked in three cities: New Orleans, Brooklyn and New York City. They are working to release the fourth video filmed in London pretty soon. But in the meantime, watch these (and in HD, too!):

New Orleans:

Fifty People, One Question: New Orleans from Benjamin Reece on Vimeo.

New York City:

Fifty People, One Question: New York from Crush & Lovely on Vimeo.


Fifty People, One Question: Brooklyn from Crush & Lovely on Vimeo.