Friday, August 28, 2009

The Life of Y

"There is a rhythm which permeates all of life, and when you ignore the rhythm, you lose the dance. And the dance is the thing."

Just this morning, a friend sent me a link to a site called The Life of Y, with a little blurb that this was a project done by her sister's friend who was getting married this weekend. I clicked on the link, saw the homepage, and thought, "Oh, I hope this is not one of those wedding websites," and was prepared to file it to my backlog of websites to check out later. (The homepage picture is of a pregnant woman, so it only made sense I thought it was another personal exploitation page.)

But something caught my eye, and thirty minutes later, I am sitting here at the computer desk, delaying going into work even further, writing this entry because something on her website struck a chord in me.

You could think of the project as a PostSecret, except the creator, Erin Ruffin, asks the generation Y kids one question: "If you could say one sentence, knowing the whole world is listening, what would you say?" And the results make us hopeful once again in our generation. Because we are "ridiculously, irrationally, undeservingly talented."

Of course, Erin, a writer, is very eloquent and says everything I want to say but can't formulate in my muddled brain. After perusing her site, I was instantly reminded of why we started this Something Inspirational blog in the first place: to help us "DREAM BIGGER."

I highly recommend you read the stories that accompany some of the photos. Then you'll understand from where these quotes came. Unfortunately, there's not very much content on the site as of this moment, but she promises a massive update in the near future.

On a personal note, I think it's time for me to step it up a notch.

P.S. I leave you with this photo that made me chuckle. Sure, if I were to leave a one-line legacy, why not my phone number?

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Shayni said...

Wow, sorry it took me so long to get to this.

But you're right, I'm instantly inspired! Not just by the messages shared, but I wanna do it here in Telluride.

I love that the messages are written on the body, and then how the photos communicate the emotion... way more interesting (and effective) than just plain words...

My message would be (and this will come as no surprise to you): Never Settle For Less Than Your Heart's Desire

someday maybe I'll make it into a photo?

Thanks for sharing!